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Community Guidelines

Compiled by Adriana Kantcheva & Michael K. Iwoleit. Latest version as from August 6th, 2022. Possible changes and updates of this document will be announced in the WCH News and in the Information & Help group within the community network.

  • The World Culture Hub network is intended to connect people of very different backgrounds and convictions. Significant deviations of opinions and values are to be expected. However, we expect all discussions to take place in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.
  • This is a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, not for political debates and controversies. Language that is inflammatory, demeaning, dismissive, libelious, or otherwise loaded or offensive is not allowed, and bigotry won’t be tolerated.
  • Please note: If the network administrators are notified about violations of these guidelines and conflicts resulting from such violations, they will first try to solve the conflict by means of a personal discussion. Repeated offenses might be punished with a temporary suspension of an account, in serious cases with a permanent ban of a user from the network.
  • To keep this community a safe and friendly environment, we accept user registrations only from people who we know or collaborate with, or who have been recommended by another community member. We welcome members regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity, marital status, disability, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, class, or age.
  • We expect members to either use their real names or their artist pseudonyms and to not hide behind nicknames. (The WCH website is encrypted and does neither use cookies nor trackers. There will be no personal data collected for any purpose.)
  • Commercial advertisements or self-promotion are not allowed. However, there is an announcement group where news about publications and events can be shared.