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World Culture Hub 3d

The World Culture Hub has originated as a project in the 3d Internet world of Second Life. The technical limitations of this platform and the considerable hosting costs, however, have caused us to start work on an own 3d project for the Web, using Babylon.js as the rendering engine. Contrary to Second Life this requires no seperate viewer software and can be accessed with any major standard webbrowser.

An early stage of the project is already online here and will up updated twice a month while our content creators are building the first locations. The latest update is from August 10th.

We have tried to keep the handling as easy as possible:

    • After the page has loaded, first click into the viewport.
    • To move around resp. move the camera, the WASD keys are used as in many computer games:
      W  forward
      S  backward
      A  turn left
      D  turn right 
    • To move the camera up and down use the PageUp and PageDown keys. 
    • You can also change the viewing and moving direction by holding the left mouse button and dragging left and right.

Please note that the camera is subject to simulated gravity. When you lift it up, it will slowly sink down to the ground again. When the screen shakes as you meet an obstacle or hit a deepening, lift the camera and move it forward at the same time. (We will later implement a function to choose between a gravity-bound and a freee-floating camera.)

The download and rendering of a scene may take a little time. Once the download is completed, however, the rendering engine should run smoothly on any fairly recent hardware.

Further information about updates and the conception of our 3d world will be posted here regularly.