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Most of the content of the World Culture Hub website is categorized into three main categories:

  • The art form that the content is about, be it literature, music, visual arts or whatever.
  • The region of the world the content is about, be it a continent, a country or a cultural area.
  • The type of the content, be it articles, bibliographies, news or event announcements.

It does not always make sense for a content to be categorized into all three main categories. A literary article about a general topic may not be related to a specific region of the world. The internal or external news are often not related to a specific art form or region.

Please note the “Browse by” widget in the right vertical tool bar. It can be used to browse through the content of the website. It is also context sensitive: if you view any content it will open its tree view exactly at those locations in the category hierarchy where this piece of content is sorted in.