How to Register

The business practices of major social network companies such as Facebook or Twitter and their dubious handling of user data have been extensively discussed and criticized.

The WCH Community Network is intended to provide a small, safe and easy to use alternative especially suited for users interested in global culture and for intercultural exchange and collaboration. It is a closed and private community insofar as we only accept user registrations by people that we know or that have been recommended to us. We tolerate neither flame wars nor political controversies nor spam. Open and respectful discussions, even with conflicting opinions, are of course welcome. Please read and adhere to our Community Guidelines.

We don’t collect nor commercially exploit personal user data. Only the basic login and contact data and whatever the users chose to disclose in their profiles will be saved in our data bases. We don’t demand but prefer when users don’t hide behind fancy nicknames but use their real life names or their artist pseudonyms.

To register look at the WCH Community Login widget at the bottom of the left sidebar. Click on Request Membership and fill in the required information. Don’t be confused that you have two names. One is the account name that you use to log in. The other one is your name within the network. This is the name that yourself and other users will see.

If your membership application has been approved by the network administrator, you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account.

When you have logged in a new menu will appear between the Community Guidlines and the Login widget. It is only visible when you are logged in. The three pages Activities, Members and Groups serve to access the main functionality of the WCH Community Network. Their features are explained in our Quick Start Guide. We recommend that you always return to the WCH Homepage (click Home in the horizontal main menu at the top) before you log off.

It is also recommend that you join the group Information & Help where you can get further help, report bugs and propose improvements.